Galaxy Universal Remote v3.4.5 Patched APK Download

Galaxy Universal Remote  (1)Galaxy Universal Remote v3.4.5 Patched APK Download

Turn your phone into a universal remote control using your phone’s built-in IR transmitter. No external hardware required. No network connection required. No permissions required. Lifetime return policy!
Control your TV, your Set-top Box, your Audio Video Receiver, your Sound System, your Amplifier, your DVD Player, your Blu-ray Player, your Media or Streaming Player, your Air Conditioner, your Projector, your DSLR camera, your PS3, your Xbox, and more! Prank your friends, anything you’d like with this user-friendly remote control!


  • Save each one of your devices so that you can easily access them later.
  • Control all of your devices from just one screen, by creating your own custom remote, where you can add buttons from different devices in a single tab!
  • Customize your remote control by changing the number of tabs, the layout, the colors, the style of each button, and more.
  • Save a sequence of actions (macro) to be executed one by one. For example you can turn on your TV, turn on your cable box, wait 1 second, go to channel 100 and turn up the volume. All of these actions saved in a single button.

ScreenshotGalaxy Universal Remote  (3) Galaxy Universal Remote  (2)Galaxy Universal Remote v3.4.5 Patched APK Download
File Size:3 MB

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Required Android:4.0 Or Higher
Play Store Link:Galaxy Universal Remote


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